AK Phazer SUP foil morning (Christmas Eve, 2021).

AK Phazer SUP foil morning (Christmas Eve, 2021).

AK Durable Supply Co’s Phazer is noted for wing foiling, surf foiling, pumping and kite foil. What isn’t so widely promoted is the SUP foiling performance in bigger sizes.

It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of SUP foiling. Foilshop UK’s testing grounds (Hayling Island, south coast, UK) is a perfect SUP foil spot. It works for many other disciplines as well. But when there’re clean waves stand up paddle foiling (or SUP surfing) work super well.

AK Phazer SUP foiling mode
Getting those backside turns in on the AK Phazer foil board.

At time of writing (Christmas Eve 2021) I’ve just enjoyed a suitably festive and fun SUP foiling session aboard the AK Phazer. Yes, you need to concentrate. Although the Phazer V2’s slightly wider tail and higher volume 6’2 is perhaps a better option for many if SUP foiling’s your thing.

AK Durable Supply Co Phazer V2 wingsurf SUP pump kite foil board 2022.
Chritsmas Eve (2021) mornings never looked so good.

There’s no question about the Phazer’s get up and go though. With only minimal forward momentum its hard rails release and help push the rider up on foil. If combined with the correct foil then it’s as early lifting a set up and anything. And once flying the Phazer’s nimble nature, effortless pumping and overall fun ride make it a joy to pilot.

Check out the AK Phazer V2 foil board (for all types of foiling) via the link below.

Let us know if you have any questions about the AK Phazer or any other Foilshop UK product.

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