Buzzing for the Ozone WASP wing foil wing V2 – landing New Year 2021.

Buzzing for the Ozone V2 WASP wing foil wing in 2021

Ozone’s WASP wing foiling wing V1 has been well received by many. If you missed it the WASP has been the choice wing for many a top shelf rider (did someone say Kai Lenny?). The wider wing foiling world has also seen fit to give it big props.

Ozone’s WASP creating a buzz – pic: James Jagger.

It’s not hard to see why. With admirable low end grunt for early flights, decent top end control, effortless flagging when/if surfing and notable freeride performance it’s a go to wing for many.

As we understand it Ozone will be releasing their version two of the WASP come early new year 2021 – and we’re frothing! Keen as beans to see what the new model has in store we’re sure it’ll be bomber with even better performance.

Ozone’s WASP 4m wasping about – pic; james Jagger.

Stay tuned and watch this space for more details regarding the Ozone WASP V2 as they emerge. If anyone has any questions about the V1 version then just holla.

Check out the test/review of Ozone’s 4m WASP from our friends SUP Mag UK here.