Everyman foiling with Dave Ludgate (Subowti) – learning to fly above water.

Learning to foil may appear daunting to some. Yet there are plenty of riders willing to get amongst it. One such chap is Dave Ludgate, aka Subowti on social media, from Cork, Ireland.

Recently Dave has begun his journey into foiling and has posted two video updates about his warts ‘n’ all experiences to date. As many who already foil will know it’s not always plain sailing. There’s a lot to learn at the beginning with often much head scratching. Perseverance is key, however, with those initial hiccups soon a distant memory.

Check out Dave’s first two vlogs below. And stay tuned for more coming soon.

Big thanks to North Coast Wetsuits and Lyon.co.uk who also helped in getting Dave flying.

If you want to check out the gear Dave’s using then hit up the links below.

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