Foil surf test – Mistral Tempest foil board and Sabre 2000cm2 foil.

Foil surf test - Mistral Tempest foil board and Sabre 2000cm2 foil.

Foil gear R&D continues to be a focus for Foilshop UK. With our pedigree of watersports kit testing and having a penchant for identifying and discovering what watersports equipment does (often for real world riders) we got the chance a few days back (Feb 2022) to test the Mistrail Tempest and Sabre 2000cm2 foil.

Being on the ground at the start of Mistral’s foil conceptualisation, and having a few runs out on the original proto gear, it was nice to hop aboard ‘ready for market’ kit. The Tempest remains unchanged from Steve West’s (Mistral International brand manager) original shape. Having Tom Partington and Cam Stewart onboard as foil creators, however, has seen a unique foil take shape and come to life.

Mistral’s Tempest and Sabre 2000cm2 flying high.

Conceived, designed, tested and ridden in the UK Mistral’s Sabre foil series is unique. And it’s great to see an internationally renowned brand putting money into homegrown resources.

(We will add there are some new wing foil designs as well. But the breeze wasn’t playing ball when we got a window of foiling opportunity).

With most higher volume foil boards designed for winging there’s a case to chuck it at some wave only action. These sleds are often applicable to paddle powered foil surfing. And it’s no different with the Mistral Tempest.

Fly away, on the Mistral Tempest and Sabre foil.

The session in question featured small, slightly junky swell. It had been bigger, cleaner and more solid earlier in the day. But beggars can’t be choosers. And with a foil attached conditions like this are no match!

Sure enough, the Mistral Sabre 2000cm2 gives decent, early and progressive lift which will see beginners and intermediates take their first flights. It’s a stable foil that has quite a lot of pump and carvability considering its low aspect shape. The Tempest is uber light and a joy to fly on top of. Long glides were achieved which always put a smile on faces.

With Mistral getting set to drop their foil kit ASAP it was timely getting a bit of swell to show off the versatility of the equipment. Foiling’s multi discipline prowess is tangible and Mistral’s gear is a welcome addition to flying above water’s continuing legacy.

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