Foilshop UK’s wetsuit partner (NCW) talks eFoiling, Fly McConks’ eSkate and basic eFoiling tips.

Foilshop UK’s main wetsuit partner North Coast Wetsuits published an eFoiling article a little while back, with input from Foilshop UK. The idea was to give insight to eFoiling for those uninitiated.

EFoiling continues to gainer interest with it seen as the easiest foiling discipline to get into – that much is indeed correct. With power = lift at your fingertips riders don’t need to rely on the elements to enjoy flights above the water. And the Fly McConks eSkate eFoil featured in the article (and sold by us here at Foiklshop UK) is a sporty and nimble number that’ll put a mile wide smile on your chops.

Check out the NCW eFoiling article by hitting the link below –