Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing foil wing review.

Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing 3m 4m 5m 6m

Ftero’s Dome V1 wing landed to much interest last season. Being so budget friendly many wing foilers were intrigued.

Words: Foilshop UK.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce.

We got our hands on one of the very first Ftero Surf Dome wings and found it to be an admirable performer. After some back and forth, with feedback given to the brand, the Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing arrived. And we were once again keen to see what was what.

Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing 3m 4m 5m 6m
Round the bend with the Ftero Dome V2 wing.

Upgraded wing features.

The Ftero Dome V2 has a bunch of upgraded features. The wing’s leading edge diameter has been increased and new materials used. This delivers greater rigidity across the whole shape.

The Dome’s canopy windows have been integrated as part of rejigged panel layout. Whilst the whole wing’s geometry is cut to ensure better use of gusts. Efficiency is now the key and the V2 Dome has it in spades compared to the it’s V1 sibling.

Improvements galore with the Ftero Dome V2 wing.

New handles, with refined positions, and improved dual inflation valves round out a highly polished product.

The Ftero Dome wing’s price is very attractive. But it may put some people off. Be under no illusion, however, the Dome may be an affordable wing aimed at beginners and intermediates but it’s still a quality product that holds its own.

Ftero Dome on the water.

The Ftero Dome V2 is super light and is easy to pump. It’s power is progressive yet with pumping lifts a 90kg rider onto foil in around 15 knots. Yes, you need to have your technique dialled in for this to occur. Our point is that the Dome can achieve the same early foiling start as other wings.

Pop it’s on the Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing.

Once flying it’s a balanced and composed ride. Those redesigned handles feel comfy in the hands while the improved middle strut and leading edge keep their shape when gusts hit.

Moves are fun with the Ftero Dome V2, the wing behaving itself whilst riders concentrate on the job in hand. And should you fancy a few boosters it’s a wing that’ll loft aplenty.

Vrooming along with the Ftero Dome V2 wing.


One thing we at Foilshop wanted to see was a quality, wallet friendly wing to get newbie wing foilers going but have enough longevity to keep intermediate (and some advanced) riders happy. The Ftero Surf Dome V2 achieves this with much aplomb. So a big doff of the cap to the crew for coming up with and bringing to market the Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing foiling wing.

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