FusionX X-Wing 4m and 6m wingsurfing wing review.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce.

FusionX are a Hayling Island based foiling specific brand dedicated to the art of flight. Being based in close proximity to Foilshop UK (almost next door) means FusionX is our local hydrofoiling company. We know Paige (the owner) and understand her approach and ethos. When we saw the new range of Nitro Pro custom foil boards, foils and X-Wing wings we knew this was gear we needed to get our mitts on.

FusionX X-Wing 6m boost.
Downwind running with the FusionX X-Wing 4m.

First up is FusionX’s X-Wing range. Specifically the 6m and 4m. For many riders (particularly heavier foilers) this would be a sensible two wing quiver covering a considerable range of conditions.

FusionX X-Wing 6m.

Coming in stealthy black livery the 6m X-Wing is a distinct looking wing straight off the bat. Star Wars references aside the X-Wing 6m is a hard wearing, durable wing weapon with high end manufacturing and plenty of attention to detail. Dual Boston valves – one on the middle strut the other on the leading edge – ensures rapid inflation and pack down. Handles are nicely spaced and feel dependable when gripping onto. They’re not the most rigid instead being a medium stiffness. Canopy material is high quality and once inflated the 6m is super rigid. The middle strut is quite long but this helps keeps everything nice and taught.

The FusionX X-Wing 6m.

The X-Wing’s light, relative to overall size, and based on how it floats on the wind whilst walking to water, has a nice balance.

In 10-12knts of wind (based on a 90kg rider using a bigger foil) FusionX’s X-Wing 6m powers up instantly, punching riders onto foil with just a few pumps. In times past we’d probably have needed a 7m (which the brand also supply) for such light airs. A direct and forward drive ensures the 6m keeps pulling positively – even through lulls. That slightly long middle strut gives additional canopy length to pull against and keep the power on as well as making extremely pumpable.

FusionX X-Wing drifting nicely.

Through moves the X-Wing 6m float well, drifting admirably. Having carved through a turn the power comes back on immediately giving riders more chance of staying on foil. 

10-12knt pops on the FusionX X-Wing 6m wing.

The X-Wing also loves a boost or two, that low end grunt helping project riders and kit into the air. It was surprising just how much boost you get in such low wind strengths. 

Getting all jumpy with FusionX’s 6m X-Wing.

Surfing is fine, although we’d suggest the 6m is more freeride orientated with focus being in early flights, in less breeze using one size smaller than you would normally. That said there’s no question about the 6m’s all round wing foiling characteristics.

FusionX X-Wing 4m.

Obviously, you’re never going to be able to directly compare a 6m wing with a 4m – this just isn’t apples for apples. But there’s no question some similarities remain.

Punching through with the FusionX X-Wing 4m.

Bottom end grunt and forward pulling drive are both on display yet again with the FusionX X-Wing 4m wing. There’s enough oomph to boost heavier riders on foil at the earliest possible moment. When the 6m becomes too much it’s probably time to bust out the 4m, which will then cover you right up to storm force winds of around 30knts. As before the build quality, rigidity and overall finish of the X-Wing 4m is top notch.

FusionX X-Wing 4m boosts.

All fixtures/fittings and materials are suitably high end ensuring a top drawer product. And those stealthy good looks are also, once again, distinctly in place.

At the apex: FusionX’s X-Wing 4m in flight.

On the water it’s noticeable that riders don’t need to be using the furthest back handles (in a blow) to turn the power on. This is more efficient for moves when need to swap hands quickly through transitions, yet without any loss of power. The 4k remains as stuff as possible when big gusts hit and transfers all that energy into foil momentum.

Down and round: FusionX X-Wing 4m in action.

Just as with the 6m X-Wing it loves boosting, able to lift riders pretty high into the air. Hang time is awesome with the 4m behaving more like a parachute or hang glider than many other wings we’ve tested. And if waves are your bag then it’s nice to know the 4m can take a rinsing as we got washed a few times during one session, the 4m coping well.

Oosh! FusionX X-Wing 4m up in the air.


Both the FusionX X-Wing 6m and 4m wingsurfing wings are superbly made and deliver performance that most real world foilers will appreciate. Erring slightly towards pure freeride, with additional jumping characteristics, they’re lovely wings that make full use of newer manufacturing materials and methods. Plus, being a slightly more boutique brand (combined with their distinct looks) you’d be riding something different and that’s no bad thing.

For prices and further info hit up the link below.