Hyde Blast V2 wing foil wing review.

Hyde’s Blast V1 wing has been well loved by us here at Foilshop UK. As well as many other riders also. The V2 Blast comes in hot off the V1’s heels and ups the ante considerably in terms of performance and manufacturing.

Words: Foilshop UK.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce.

Hyde Blast Wing V2 features.

Out of the bag and beady eyed wingers will spot a different canopy panel layout, with upgraded windows. Where the V1 had small X-Ply windows the V2 has integrated viewfinders which are made from a more malleable material.

Spinning the wing – Hyde Blast wing V2 whirls and twirls.

The canopy’s geometry has been altered to deal more efficiently with load bearing and overall feels more rigid and taught. New, and even more bombproof materials have been incorporated into the Blast’s leading edge and middle strut to make these even stiffer. And the Hyde handles have been changed to be more ergonomically friendly. You now get two elongated front and back handles and a smaller middle loop for infinite holds and incremental adjustments. The Blast’s handles still remain extremely robust, as they did with the V1.

Inflating is super easy via the two Boston valves located on the LE and middle strut. Gone is the connection tube between the two air chambers. Which was never really needed anyway. This means that if you’re looking for an even quicker getaway post-session you could deflate the leading edge only and wrap the canopy around the still air filled middle strut.

Switch stance cruising with the Hyde V2 Blast wing.

All in the Hyde Blast V2 wing is a visible upgrade on the V1. Bombproof, with cutting edge features, it’s a good looking wing that packs a lot in.

Hyde Blast V2 wing on the water.

Hyde’s Blast V2 wing feels super rigid and taught – even just walking to the water’s edge. There’s no give or softness. Instead, it floats effortlessly on the breeze and remians composed. This bodes well for wave riding where you want the wing to just sit on the wind completely neutral.

Once up into sailing mode a few short pumps deliver amazing thrust. We’re glad to tell you the Blast’s bottom end grunt is still apparent. Actually more so with the V2 due to the wing’s improved rigidity and overall efficiency.

Easy popping with the Hyde Blast V2 wing.

We can’t stress this bottom end power enough. With the right foil and board beneath your feet you’ll be flying in much less wind or on a size smaller than before. In the pics, we’re using a 5m Blast wing in 12-15 knots without issue. Especially if you pair with a wing board that has hard release rail edges and a high aspect foil with low stall speed.

The Blast V2 boots upwind effortlessly and through transitions is a joy. It doesn’t misbehave when tacking or gybing and also gives a load of boost for those riders who fancy some hang time. Being tough as old boots means if you crash the Blast V2 brushes off wipeouts without issue.

Hyde’s Blast V2 wing is perfectly balanced.


The Hyde Blast V2 wing foiling wing builds on the already solid reputation of the brand’s V1 wing. Also, pulling on Hyde Sails’ years long prowess for making quality sails you know you’re getting an awesome product. And with much of the wing’s development conducted in the UK in real world wing foiling conditions you can be safe in the knowledge you’ll be getting a proper good piece of kit.

A real step up from the V1 the Blast V2 is right at the forefront of cutting edge wing design. We love ’em and know you will too. Check out more about the Hyde Blast V2 wing via the link below.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries about this or other Foilshop UK kit.