Indiana Wing Foil 118L SUP foil test – photo gallery.

The Indiana Wing Foil 118L makes a great SUP foil board. For many SUPers 5’8 x 118L may sound too small to use with a paddle in hand. But trust us when we say dimensions mean nothing.

Having a square and boxy tail, with squared off nose, makes the Indiana Wing Foil 118 super stable. Its hard release edges ensure early lift and once up on foil it’s a joy to pilot. Foil feedback is plentiful and we love it. (We also love it in wing foil mode as well).

Check out the SUP foil photo gallery from a recent sunny sesh. Get in touch if you have any questions about this, other Indiana foil products or foiling in general.

You can check out the Indiana Wing Foil 118L product link below.