New Nautix Windsurfing freeride windsurf sails available – perfect for windfoiling!

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce.

Anyone who follows Foilshop UK’s Tez on social media will have spotted him windsurf foiling using the brand new Nautix Windsurfing freeride windsurf sails. Designed by Teiva Sails in France – a renowned sail making who’s previously created for the likes of Horue – the Nautix freeride range covers the whole spectrum of windy disciplines, depending what size we’re talking about.

10 knot windfoil action with Nautix Windsurfing’s freeride 5.2 windsurf sail.

In a nutshell the smaller sizes are ripe for some freestyle/wave action while the bigger sails are pure freeride before erring towards slalom performance. So basically an uncomplicated range whatever you’re after.

Point of view of the Nautix Windsurfing 5.2m windsurf sail.

And it goes without saying that all work well for windfoiling. The 5.2m, pictured here, was getting Tez going in 10 knots (with pumping) and kept flying through lulls with ease.

Windfoiling duck gybe with the Nautix Windsurfing freeride 5.2m windsurf sail.

Handling of the Nautix Windsurfing freeride range of windsurf sails is particularly light and easy with each size setting with a degree of pre-shape. We’ve talked about this before and how inbuilt curve of windsurf sails makes them especially applicable to windfoiling. The Nautix sails would even make good beginner windsurf sails if you’re talking sub-5m.

Light wind windfoil flick flack freestyle with the Nautix Windsurfing freeride 5.2m sail.

All in we’ve been suitably impressed with why Nautix are offering with their freeride line of windsurf sails, which is why we’re now stocking them in Foilshop’s webshop. Stay tuned for a full review but in the meantime if you have any questions about the Nautix Windsurfing freeride windsurf sail hit us up!

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