AK Durable Supply Co. 5’10 Phazer board, 2000cm2 Trek foil and 5m Freewing package.


The AK Durable Supply Co. 5’10 x 110L Phazer foil board, Trek 2000cm2 foil and 5m Freewing package includes the following –

  • x1 AK Phazer 5’10 x 110L foil board.
  • x1 5m Freewing wing.
  • x1 complete AK Trek 2000cm2 foil (and component parts: 34cm stabiliser/tail wing, 80cm foil mast, alloy foil base plate, short 61cm fuselage), bolts).
  • x1 high volume pump.
  • x1 61 coil leash.

This is a premium wing foil package using the AK Trek foil, The revered AK Phazer V2 carbon board and the premium Freewing V2 wing. Bought as a package it represents an 18% saving over individual component parts.

This package would suit intermediates looking to make use of light to moderate winds. If you would like to tweak the package then get in touch to discuss.





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