Fly McConks eSkate electric hydrofoil board (eFoil).


    Folishop UK has been fortunate enough to have a hand in testing the Fly McConks eSkate electric hydrofoil board in prototype form. As such we’re extremely familiar with its performance, which summed up, is one o a ‘sporty’ nature. The nimble 5′ x 90L x 28″ board makes light work of subtle rail to rail changes for fun carving moves. It’s also super responsive to rider input nose to tail, allowing foilers to alternate between lower ride height and higher, more thrilling elevations. With a 90cm mast, and front carbon foil wing designed for carving, tight banked turns, rail to rail S-turns and a whole host of other moves are possible. In fact, the only obstacle to where the Fly McConks eSkate could take you is your imagination…

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