Ozone WASP wing foiling wing V2 2.3m 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m.


The WASP V2 Wing from Ozone is your ticket to fly – on a SUP board, hydrofoil, longboard or snowboard. The Ozone Wasp wing has multiple handles that give options to trim or increase the power, and the wing sits very stable on the de-power handle, for easy carrying or to let the wing flag when you’re riding a wave.

Rock solid stability and scuff pads on wing tips make this wing ideal for use on land or snow too, with a mountain board, longboard skateboard or snowboard.

The fully-inflatable leading edge and single strut means the Ozone Wasp is simple to set-up and very compact for storage and transport. With one inflation valve and an adaptor commonly supplied with SUP pumps it takes just a couple of minutes pumping to get the wing ready to fly. Deflation is equally easy and fast, and the Wasp packs into a bag just 55 x 30cm.

The WASP wing is supplied with a wrist leash, for safety and complete de-power any time you let go of the handles.

2.3. 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m in various colours.

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