Flymount Aero 40 ultralight GoPro action camera mount.


The NEW Flymount compact GoPro action cam mount for action sports equipment is compact, ultralight and incredibly strong.

The Aero-40 is designed for bomb proof attachment to action sports equipment – particularly in high UV marine environments. A safe mounting range of 25mm to 40mm covers windsurf masts, booms, SUP paddles, wing-foil booms, bike frames, and pretty much any action sports equipment you can imagine.

Flynount’s Aero-40 is fitted with a patent pending one-handle-design for minimum bulk, and reliable intuitive adjustment of both the grip and the camera position.

The Aero-40 has an overall weight of just 96g, making it the lightest clamp mount Flymount have ever made. It’s also the strongest.

Keeping the weight down on these mounts was no easy task. The incredible strength to weight raio of the Aero-40 lies in its design – 12 months of prototyping, testing, and re-designing have created this pocket sized piece of perfection.

Made in England form super tough glass reinforced Akulon® with marine grade metal parts for a lifetime of abuse in harsh outdoor environments.

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