Welcome to Foilshop UK

Hydrofoiling, or foiling as it’s more commonly referred to, continues to increase in popularity across all disciplines. Flying above water is super addictive as well as looking awesome from afar. In the beginning, foiling was a way to make use of scrappy conditions – be that wave, wind or both – as well as completely flat water. It’s become apparent, however, more recently that foiling lends a whole new dimension to all types of riding across all water scenarios.

Our brands: Axis Foils, AK Durable Supply Co., Tahe Techno, Indiana Paddle & Surf foil, Airush/Starboard Freewing, Shinn Resurector, Ozone WASP wings, Hyde Blast wings, SIC Maui foil, Nautix Windsurfing, Fly McConks, Ocean Specific, North Coast Wetsuits, Witchcraft Windsurfing, Unifoil.

Foilshop UK is comprised of passionate individuals who’ve been involved with watersports and foiling, across numerous disciplines, for many years – being immersed in water is our life!

Starting out with windsurf foiling (windfoiling), progressing quickly to SUP foiling and now wing foiling and eFoiling we’re riding most days on some form of hydrofoiling equipment.

Not only this but we’ve been involved in the wider world of surfing, windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding for over 30 years. And to be honest that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our experience.

Foilshop UK’s aim is to bring the stoke of foiling, across all forms, to you, the end user. From in depth articles, to stoke inducing images and vids this is a site dedicated to delivering quality, original content that’ll get you frothing.

We also sell foiling equipment; dealing with a number of brands that we consider (through personal experience) to be top drawer. As part of our work we’ve been involved in testing, reviewing and providing impartial feedback to brands and consumers alike (much of this testing info has been published via watersports media outlets). To date, Foilshop UK’s team has tested upwards of a 100 foil combos plus associated gear: wings, boards and accessories. We know our foiling onions, and then some!