Foilshop UK is co-owned and run by Tez Plavenieks and Mark Graham. Both have long and extensive experience within the watersports industry. This puts both Tez and Mark, with Foilshop UK being the front facing entity, in a prime position to offer the best advice and point customers towards the best foiling kit.

Tez Plavenieks

An early adopter of foiling right from the get go. Starting from windsurf foiling, SUP foiling closely followed. Winging was soon added after its explosion a few years back. But it doesn’t stop there. Tez started surfing when he was five with skateboarding being his chosen method of land based fun. In his early teens, Tez discovered windsurfing and embarked on a long stint teaching the sport overseas. Upon arriving back in the UK Tez shortly after began his media career working for Windsurf Mag and helping to launch SUP International.

Before Foilshop UK.

Being involved with paddle boarding also from day dot (in the UK) meant he saw an opportunity and consequently started another SUP magazine (SUP Mag UK) as part of three-way partnership with 2B Graphic Design. Windsurfing UK Mag followed and the two continue to thrive today. Along the way, Tez has also edited a kayak magazine, contributed to countless other publications and has developed a whole range of digital content and SEO skills which is what makes up a large part of his daily routine now. On top of this Tez continues to test, review and be involved with watersports equipment R&D. With over 7000+ paddle boards tested to date, countless windsurfing products and now the same with foiling there aren’t many people with his practical on water experience. And all with a real world rider approach.

More good stuff.

Tez also works with Mark on the North Coast Wetsuits brands and website and Surf Skateboard Shop. As with Foilshop UK these are content-led e-commerce sites that showcase as much possible products in use. See video above. There’s always a connection trying to be made with everything we do and you the customer. Showing these products in real world scenarios hopefully helps this.

Mark Graham

Mark has surfed and skated all his life as well as having a passion for motorbikes and music. Ever the entrepreneur Mark started North Coast Wetsuits (the sister business of Foilshop UK) in 2004 – see video below. Mark also works with Tez on Surf Skateboard Shop – see Tez bio paragraph for more info on this). The idea was to deliver a homegrown, UK wetsuit brand that services all types of watersports enthusiasts. With a keen eye on quality, affordability and sustainability NCW is now an established Cornish based business that has a great reputation within the industry.

Today – Foilshop UK and more.

These days NCW supplies more than just wetsuits alone and having formed a connection with Tez the initial idea for Foilshop UK was created. Mark is the mathematician within the business and deals with a whole host of tasks behind the scenes. His knowledge of the watersports industry is unparalleled. And as an astute businessman, he’s well versed in the ways of running a successful operation. Mark’s also not shy when it comes to tech and understands the new age world we live with regard to websites and such.

There are a few other ‘heads’ who help, advise and contribute to Foilshop which makes it what is. A big up to anyone who’s had positive input along the way. If you need to get in touch with either Tez or Mark then please head here.