DaKine Cyclone 2 wing 2.7m / 3.7m / 4.2m / 5.0m / 6.0m / 7.0m black / deep lake.


Experience pure excitement with the CYCLONE 2, the ultimate wing designed for those who value the lightest feeling possible and maximum stability in all conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the CYCLONE 2’s instant power and neutral balance make it a fantastic wing for all riders.

DaKine have improved the power distribution and balanced it perfectly to prevent arm fatigue, so you can focus on riding the waves. The shorter wing span improves ease of use and makes the CYCLONE 2 a fantastic wing for wave riding. DaKine’s new panel layout and exclusive design have improved its stability and durability, and our S-shaped strut ensures a connected feel and reduces canopy flutter.

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