Indiana Carbon 100% adjustable 81sq in white two piece SUP foil/SUP paddle.


Carbon paddles are the right choice for those who want excellent performance and high quality. Indiana SUP paddles are made of 100% carbon, which makes them extremely light and very stable, and thanks to the ergonomic grip, they fit comfortably into your hand. There’s minimal flutter and the 81″ blade size ensures a high cadence can be attained. Which is perfect for SUP foiling and high performance SUP in general.

The Indiana 100% carbon adjustable paddle is great for any rider swapping between boards (such as foil and non-foil types) where differing shaft lengths are required. It’s white livery is also an eye catching aesthetic.

  • Length: 180-220cm
  • Blade size: 81 In2 / 17 x 42 cm
  • Weight: 530 g
  • 100% Carbon
  • Anti-Twist
  • Incl. bag

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