Indiana Foil wing/SUP/pump foil 1100P (2300cm2) complete.

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The Indiana Foil front wing 1100 pump (a whopping 2300cm2) is designed for light wind and small waves. It starts to fly from aprox 5km/h. And even though this wing has a volume of 4litres, it is still fast.

Dock starts and foil pumping are very easy, even for heavy riders. Whilst low wind wing foil take offs are effective. In small waves, for SUP foiling you’ll start to fly with very little momentum. And you could also use it for super light wind windfoiling.

The stabilizer options on the new fuselage enable the angle and position of the 550 to be adjusted. This means that the stability and flexibility of the foil can be changed according to personal preference, skill level and conditions. The supplied 550 tail wing ensures maximum leverage when pumping whilst helping to provide planted, stable and controllable performance.

This is a great choice for anyone learning to wing foil, small wave SUP foiler (beginners – advanced, pump foilers and windfoilers riding in 15 knots or less or heavier riders.

Comes with a high quality protective cover.

The Indiana Foil wing/SUP/pump foil 1100P (2300cm2) complete includes the following:

  • Indiana Foil Front Wing 1100P – 2300cm2 (with Sleeve).
  • Indiana Foil Stabilizer 550 (with Sleeve).
  • Indiana Foil Alu Mast 75cm (with Sleeve).
  • Indiana Foil Baseplate Alu (incl. Zinc Anode & Screws).
  • Indiana Foil Set of Mast/Fuselage Screws.
  • Indiana Foil Set of Stab Angle Adaptors (shims).
  • Indiana Foil Surf Fuselage (incl. sacrificial, anti-corrosion cartridge).

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