Indiana inflatable wing SUP foil board 101L / 129L / 149L


The Indiana inflatable foil board is perfect for wing foil and SUP foiling. It comes in three different sizes – 101L / 129L / 149L. Made from heavy duty Dropstitch inflatable material these boards are durable and robust.

A carbon foil mounting plate is fixed to the hull and has double US track box. Mounting any foil is applicable. And the carbon plate gives the foil rigidity and delivers direct feedback to the rider.

Handles on both the deck and handle make for easy moving about with or without the foil attached.

The Indiana inflatable foil board’s short length reduces swing weight whilst its manageable width ensures a nimble and playful feel. A great choice for beginners, those who want to travel to foil or riders with limited space.

Comes with travel bag. Footstraps sold separately.

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