NCW 3/2mm ladies’ back zip wetsuit GBS seams/stretch neoprene.


NCW’s 3/2mm ladies’ back zip wetsuit is the perfect summer/warm weather/water foiling wetsuit that won’t break the bank. It’s also a great choice for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding and so on. Basically, any watery scenario you care to chuck it at.

Made with GBS (warmer) seams and quality stretch neoprene NCW’s 3/2mm full backzip wetsuit is designed for use in summer/autumn warmer UK waters. All the features of a high end warmer summer/autumn wetsuit but at a cost effective price.

Features include:

  • High quality stretch neoprene.
  • GBS seam construction.
  • Fine mesh (anti wind chill) chest panel and collar.
  • Smoothskin wrist and ankle seals to reduce water flushing.
  • Heavy duty back zip with interior zipper inset seam to reduce water flushing.
  • Zipper with Velcro zipper top stop/ tail fastener.
  • Duraxtex heavy duty Knee-pads.

Sizing info:

WS – womens dress size 8/10 – height from around 5’1″
WMS – womens dress size 10/12 height from around 5’2″
WM – womens dress size 12/14 height from around 5’2″
MWC – “curvy fit” womens dress size 16/18 (but height of 5’2″ to 5’7″ – will work for shorter ladies but you may need to roll the legs)
WML – womens dress size 14/16 with a height over 5’7″ up to 5’11”
WL – womens dress size 18/20 height 5’10 up to 6’1″

If you are a taller, thinner less curvy lady you will probably fit one of our traditional cut suits. Same spec, price and colour which you can view here.