NCW 3mm hooded neoprene jacket, grey/black, blue, pink.


NCW’s 3mm hooded neoprene jacket has been a revelation for foiling. All types of foiling we’ll add. As an additional layer, in combination with your standard wetsuit, it ramps the heat levels up considerably. Here at Foilshop UK we’ve used the jacket in some super cold conditions and on all occasions have been toasty warm.

But it doesn’t stop there. The 3mm jacket can be used in fairer weather as a rigging coat. Wear it whilst setting up to keep the elements at bay or to warm up after your sesh. In fact, there are a whole host of applications the NCW 3mm rigging jacket can be used for – some we haven’t even thought of.

And don’t worry! It’s available in various colours – not just pink! Although we like the pink. But that’s just us.

Comes oversized to fit as a layered system. Hard wearing neoprene, double YKK zipper, draw string hood.

Fits both men and women.

NCW’s 3mm hooded neoprene jacket is designed and tested in the UK and comes from a bona fide UK brand.  Message us with any questions.