NCW waterproof electronic key pouch.


Fits most smart phones up to 180mm tall and 100 wide and also for electronic remote locking car keys. This item is a must for any water player. These bags, in our experience, are more than ‘plunge proof’ but not designed to be constantly submerged in water for long periods, for example if you were swimming with it attached to you.

100 % Waterproof Pouch (not for constant submerged use).

• Made from tough EVA material and ultra-sound welded
• Triple and fold over clip top locks
• You can control your phone and take photos while in the bag
• Has built in ‘float’ to bag to aid recovery if you drop it
• Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water too
• Has built in neck cord
• Ideal for surfing, kayaking, water skiing, snorkeling, fishing plus other outdoor sports – any place that you might drop your phone in water etc.

Divers Warning : Not designed to withstand pressures associated with deep water diving.

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