Sroka S-Foil high aspect 1190 L (Lift) / 1190 S (Speed) complete foil.


Soka’s S-Foil 1190 L & S are shipped direct from the manufacturer. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.

The Sroka S-Foil high aspect 1190 L (Lift) is a high aspect foil that’s poised to take your wing foiling, SUP foiling, prone surf foiling and wake foiling to the next level. With its unique foil shape the 1190 L takes off pretty easily for a foil of this size. Riders do need a little technique, or the conditions to have the foil engage, but once up and flying it glides, pumps and whizzes along effortlessly.

Sroka describes the S-Foil 1190 L as the more surfy of the 1190 range ( the other being the S-Foil 1190 S (speed). But having tested extensively we’d say the L is perfectly applicable to those riders looking to step up to a high aspect foil design. In particular, it works amazingly well for wing foiling, which is the discipline we’ve ridden the 1190 L in the most. If you fancy going even quicker then look at the S-Foil 1190 Speed.

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