Axis Foils Freeride tail wings (stabiliser).


The wider chord of Axis Foils’ Freeride tail stabiliser wings are the perfect choice for beginner wing foilers, windsurfers and SUP foilers. The design emphasis is on early lift, stability and predictable turning.

The Axis Foils research team is constantly exploring the subtleties of rear wing design and the differences even small changes can make to performance and handling. As a rule of thumb, smaller rear wings will loosen up your set up for tight carving, but will also reduce stability and pumpability.

All Axis rear stabiliser wings are compatible with both Black and Red Series fuselages.


  • 500A/90 Good choice for beginner to intermediate windsurf foilers.
  • 500/90 For bigger riders.
  • 440/90 Ideal for wing foilers starting out.
  • 400/90 For lighter riders or new riders with existing skills.
500 Anhedral 500 mm 90 mm 7.17
500 500 mm 90 mm 7.3
440 440 mm 90 mm 6.37
400 400 mm 90 mm 5.79