Axis Foils Red foil fuselage (various sizes).


Note: There’s a £10 delivery charge to all UK mainland addresses for these products.

The Axis Foils Red Fuselage is constructed with 3D CNC cut anodized aluminum. An incredibly strong connection to any size wings to create a very direct feel from your feet to the front wing, which is the most important part of foiling.

Please note: Axis Red fuselages are NOT compatible with ART, HPS and smaller BSC front wings. They are compatible with both aluminum and carbon masts though.

With the modular nature of the AXIS system, it’s easy to progress to shorter fuselage lengths over time without having to change any other component.

Available in Standard, Short, Ultrashort, Crazyshort and Windsurf sizes. Go longer for stability, shorter for maneuverability.

  • Standard Fuselage – 765mm
  • Short Fuselage – 680mm
  • Ultra-Short Fuselage – 625mm
  • Crazy-Short Fuselage – 585mm