Axis Foils Speed tail (stabiliser) wings.


Fast – Carvy – Intermediate to Advanced.

With a high aspect plan shape and distinctive winglets on the tips, the AXIS Speed rear wing range provides great yaw stability for a fast locked in feel for flying and pumping at serious canted angles.

The Axis Foils research team is constantly exploring the subtleties of rear wing design and the differences even small changes can make to performance and handling. As a rule of thumb, smaller rear wings will loosen up your set up for tight carving, but will also reduce stability and pumpability.

All Axis Foils Speed tail (stabiliser) wings are compatible with Black and Red Series fuselages.

  • 20/60 Fast and well suited to wing, good yaw stability, works well for windsurf foiling.
  • 380/60 For high speed wing and windfoiling with mid-size front foil wings.
  • 400F/60 A favourite with prone foilsurfers in conjunction with small front wings.
420 420 mm 60 mm 8.57
380 380 mm 60 mm 7.99
400 FLAT 400 mm 60 mm 7.99