NCW 30L roll top waterproof rucksack/backpack foiling accessory.


Foiling, of any kind, requires accessories. Bolts, screws, tools, wetsuits, wetsuit boots/gloves and a whole load more all need to be carried – there are so many scenarios…

As such you’ll need a carry all to cart all that gear around. There’s nothing worse than having your foiling accessories rolling round and getting lost because of not being in one place. Also, it’s a bit icky having wet wetsuits lying about smelling of wet dog! Enter NCW’s 30L waterproof, roll top rucksack. A versatile, rugged backpack that’ll fit any application you decide to chuck at it – foiling, wet gear, keeping dry gear dry or otherwise.

The deep central compartment is complimented by a secure front pouch, two side pockets, sturdy shoulder straps, a chest clip and waist fastening to help ease the strain when you’ve a load on. Reflective strips and vivid red and black panelling rounds out the design. As far as accessories for your foiling life goes (or life in general) you can’t get much better!

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