Airush Freewing Nitro Ultra PE wing 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m


The Airush Freewing Nitro features new material technology for manoeuvre oriented wing foiling. Centred around the Ultra PE cloth called ‘Hookipa’ it’s far stiffer, lighter and with a reduced leading edge diameter making for a whole new generation of wing performance. Increased pumping cadence, more stability, far lighter, and far more efficient with incredible flag out ability for wave riding it’s super easy and intuitive to use.

Check out the Freewing Nitro vids below, in particular the first one from Mike Birt who gives an excellent overview of the Nitro. There are some amazing takeaways in the vid about the Nitro specifically but also about wing design in general. Being able to take a size smaller than you normally would is a particular point of note.