Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m


The best budget friendly wing foiling wing on the market!

The Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing comes in hot off the back of much testing and tweaking of the brand’s V2 Dome wing. How do we know this? Because we’ve been involved! We were lucky to take the first incarnation of the Dome for a few spins and were suitably impressed. Following a period of improving the design the V2 Dome arrived and Ftero have greatly improved on what was already a fun wing.

Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing 3m 4m 5m 6m

With its keen pricing, the Ftero Dome V2 wing is aimed (mainly) at beginners and intermediates. That said advanced wing foil riders will still find a use for the Ftero Dome wing. Super eye catching on the water the V2 Dome is manufactured to a high spec and serves up longevity with performance.

Ftero Surf Dome V2 wing key features:

  • Redesigned and reinforced wing structure
  • Double hevy duty valve inflate/deflate
  • Reinforced high stress areas
  • Lightweight, compact & sleek design
  • More forgiving attack profile for optimised lift, easier maneuvering and effortless acceleration
  • Adapted centre strut comfort handles & 1 front handle for a wide variety of hand positions
  • Two medium-sized windows for enhanced visibility when riding, without compromising on weight & structural integrity
  • Fewer panels, meaning fewer points of failure

What’s included:

  • FTERO DOME V2 Foil Wing
  • Carrier backpack
  • Hand leash
  • *Hand pump not included*
  • Included free mainland UK delivery

IF you have any questions about the Ftero Dome V2 wing get in touch.