Indiana carbon wing foil board (square nose) 118L / 98L


The 2022 Indiana carbon wing foil board (square nose) comes in the following sizes. If these don’t suit your taste or riding style check out the 2022 Indiana carbon wing foil board (round nose).

Indiana Wing Foil 118L in SUP foil mode

118L / 98L / 81L / 65L

Featuring a more compact shape the Indiana square nosed wing foil boards have the maximum volume and width built in vs their overall short length. This reduces swing weight considerably. It also delivers maximum stability at rest relative to the overall size. The 118L, 98L, 81L and 65L have slightly less pronounced chinned rails and more pronounced hard release edges to encourage earlier take offs. Up front the hull has a double concave to encourage water flow when taxiing and help with touchdowns.

Lightweight carbon construction and low swing weight see the board remain nimble once flying. Footstrap inserts are configured in Y formation for those that want a more secure and locked in ride.

The bigger 118L can be used for SUP foil as can the 98L for accomplished riders.

All Indiana carbon wing foil boards come with a padded bag. Footstraps sold separately.

Indiana wing foil carbon 118L – 

172.7 x 74 x 12cm / 7.9kg.

Indiana wing foil carbon 98L – 

162.5 x 69 x 11.7cm / 6.9kg.

Indiana wing foil carbon 81L – 

152.4 x 62.2 x 11.6cm / 6.3kg.

Indiana wing foil carbon 65L – 

142 x 61 x 10.2cm / 5.2kg.

If you have any questions about Indiana wing foil boards then get in touch.