AK Phazer V3 foil board – wing, prone, pump, SUP, tow.


AK Durable Supply Co.’s highly regarded Phazer multi purpose foil board returns in version 3.

A cutting edge super light carbon foil board that’s carving oriented with a surf outline. Featuring a convex nose area for soft touchdowns and hard release rails and tail for early foiling.

Key V3 Phazer updates

Compared to the Phazer v2, we have reduced the width in the 66L, 78L, and 90L of the Phazer v3 between half an inch (12mm) and one inch (2.5cm) depending on the sizes. These are your more dedicated wing sizes, and this trend follows our push to increase maneuverability and overall performance. We have also increased the nose rocker and added the high apex rail originally developed in the Compact. This offers the feel of a smaller board when up and riding and maintains stability when getting up and going.

More spec below.