Axis Foils HPS (High Speed Performance) front foil wings – 650, 700, 830, 880, 930, 980, 1050.


Note: Axis HPS wings are ONLY compatible with Ais Black fuselages. All alloy and carbon masts fit fine. Axis tail wings are also compatible.

The Axis High Performance Speed (HPS) wings set up make high performance foiling accessible to everyone.

While this foil is unashamedly designed for speed and glide, the real achievement is how easy it is to use for almost all levels of rider. Where some brands’ high aspect foils are often a more unstable ride, more geared towards expert riders, Axis have seen people jump on HPS and rip after just a few sessions mastering the basics on higher lift foils.

The camber of the HPS, a key variable in the lift versus drag trade-off, is also the lowest in the Axis front wing range. And the high-speed suitability makes it a natural choice for wing and kite foiling.

HPS foils are ideally matched with the Progressive or Speed rear wing ranges.

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