Challenger Sails Ikaroz wing V1 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m


The Challenger Sails Ikaroz V1 wing has been designed by legendary sail maker Claudio Badiali. Keeping the wants and needs of recreational wingfoilers in mind Challenger’s Ikaroz V1 wing is easy going and perfect for performance freeriding.

Flat water or easy going waves are more than doable, the Challenger Ikaroz wing having low end power to get riders up and flying. Staying in control whilst at height and depowering well when the need arises – such as when surfing – it’s a wing you can straddle multiple scenarios with.

Tom Pringuer Challenger Sails wings, Axis Foils and Ak Phaser board.

Instead of a full boom the Ikaroz has two bombproof handles for great control and intuitive hand placement when going through transitions. The efficiently laid out canopy ensures on point power delivery and minimal warping whilst stabilising battens on the trailing edge means no flutter. In conjunction with the rigid leading edge and middle strut the Challenger Sails Ikaroz wing is right on the money in terms of performance. Intelligent window placement gives additional security when riding in busy locations.

If you’re after a different type of wing, from a world championship brand, then look no further than the Challenger Sails Ikaroz V1 wing.

Pics: Mike PRinguer, Andy Stuart-William