AK Durable Supply Co. Plasma hi aspect foil COMPLETE.


Maximum efficiency for pump and glide as well as effortless high speeds. High aspect wing brings high lateral stability with reduced pitch stability yet huge performance gains for those looking to push the limits of hydrofoil range.

Assembly is quick, through the use of larger diameter titanium bolts in the foil assembly and an open-ended connection plate. This aligns with the industry-standard spacing and works in conjunction with our stainless-steel quick connect board inserts.

It uses the same components as the rest of the AK range meaning you can adjust the feel and ability of the foil in the future.

1600cm2 front wing.

A high performance, hi aspect foil wing for additional glide, speed and efficient progression. The 1600cm2 suits slightly better conditions and intermediate riders.

ARC DOWN tail wing.

The 300 arc down rear wings is ideal for highly efficient pumping, high speed, and pivoting turns.


The shorter fuselage offers high maneuverability and more efficient pumping, with its shorter cadence, compared to the 71cm fuselage.

80cm carbon mast.

The lightweight carbon mast is designed to be efficiently interchangeable if needed.


The streamlined 0 and 1.5 Degree aluminum base plates absolutely minimize drag when you’re getting going or touching down while creating a solid connection to the mast via the M8 double bolt connection.

12mm slots enable micro trim adjustment when not being used in a track system, while the open ends make the plate much quicker and easier to fit when being used in a track system.

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