Axis Foils HA 900/1000 front foil wing.


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This is one of our favourite carbon front wings from Axis. The Axis Foils HA 900 front foil wing is also one of the best selling Axis Foils models. And it’s not hard to see why. A high aspect wing it takes a little time to dial it in.but once you do it’ll be hard to go back.

Fast, yet stable (the faster your ride the more stable it becomes) with a ton of glide and still easy to pump the Axis Foils HA 900 front foil wing is perfect for progressing riders across all foiling disciplines. SUP foil, wake foil, windfoil, foil surfing, downwind foiling and so on…

We’ve had some lush windfoil and SUP foil sessions with the Axis Foils HA 900 front foil wing. And we’re pretty confident you will too. If you’re a heavier rider then this is a good choice as there’s zero flex in the wing (or go for teh bogger 1000mm version for lower end performance). Dancing about atop your foil board through high speed transitions is now possible, and all whilst the 900 HA foil wing remains composed. Yet the Axis Foils HA 900 front foil wing is able to be slowed right down for those not quite up for full speed commitment in the turn.

Loved by many the Axis Foils HA 900 front foil wing will be your new favourtie wing we’re sure.

The Axis Foils HA 1000 is the 900’s bigger brother. If you’re after a little more oomph the bigger HA 1000 is for you. The Axis Foils HA 1000 has a tremendous amount of glide, and only one speed setting: FAST! But controllable and accessible speed none the less.

900mm WING Technical Data –

ACTUAL AREA: 1277 square cm / 198 square inches
CHORD: 160mm
SPAN: 90 cm / 35.5 inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1184 square cm / 183 square inches
VOLUME: 1759 cubic cm / 107 cubic inches

Recommended use:

Performance SUP, Downwind, SURF, Pump, Wind

Suggested Rear Wings:

Rear Wing 500mm Carbon
Rear Wing 500mm Anhedral Carbon (windfoil specific)
Rear Wing 440mm Carbon
Rear Wing 400mm Carbon

1000mm Carbon Wing Technical Data:

MAX CHORD: 160mm
ACTUAL AREA 1388 square cm / 215 square inches
SPAN: 1000 mm / 39.5 inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1310 square cm / 203 square inches
VOLUME: 1904 cubic cm / 116 cubic inches

Recommended use:

Downwinding – High Performance / Pro / Lighter wind
SUP / Surf – High Performance / smaller waves
Windsurfing – Freeride / Easy ride

Suggested Rear Wing:

Rear Wing 500 Anhedral Carbon (windfoiling)
Rear Wing 440 or 400 Carbon (high performance surf/pro downwinding)
Rear Wing 370 for snappy turning and super loose riding

When you purchase the AXIS  900mm carbon front wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

Get on touch for more info or if you have any questions about either the Axis Foils HA 900 or 1000 carbon front foil wing.