Skateboarding and mountainboarding gear available now.

Skateboarding has always been a part of our lives here at Foilshop UK. Another way to froth out in recent times we’ve also discovered mountainboarding (late to the party we know). Skateboarding and mountainboarding – whilst great for conventional riding – are also brilliant when adding a wing. Wing skating is another discipline we’re fond of. Especially when it’s not happening on the water.

Skateboarding and mountainboarding – big boards, less hectic.

Whilst we totally get, love and appreciate those who flip, spin and chuck their decks around street skate style we subscribe to a more cruisey way of riding skateboards and mountainboards. For sure, we love a jump and a coping grind. But it’s more about the carving and rolling vibe these boards give.

If you’re a street skater then you’ll probably not find the setups you’re looking for. We supply longboards, mountainboards and surf skates. These fit with our ethos more and also have a broader range of use (in our opinion).

Wing skating with longboard skateboards and mountainboards.

As we’ve said plenty of times wing skating is good fun. It’s perfect for colder months when the air temps are Baltic. You can still enjoy a roll and work on those wing moves. In fact, learning wing handling is great when practicing wing skate style. 

A longboard, mountainboard or surf skate all deliver different feels in wing skate mode. But there’s no question it helps massively when you get back on the water foiling.

Mountainboards can be great for wing skating.

Mountainboards for the wet weather, all terrain win.

In the opening paragraph of this article, we mentioned our discovery of mountainboarding. They’ve been around for years. But only recently have we cottoned onto the benefits. Especially when it’s wet and soggy.

Skateboards don’t really cope well with rain, puddles and mud. Mountainboards, I’m contrast, can be taken off road and to places where it’s damp. Bigger wheels, trucks and boards give stability and are able to make use of rugged terrain thereby delivering plenty of fun at spots such as forests. Our local MTB trails are perfect for mountainboarding. And it’s good fun and a way to keep sharp for that next water sesh.

Dropping in for some forest fun.

The older rider skateboarding stigma.

As we get older there’s a certain stigma attached to riding skateboards. There’s also a fear that you can severely damage your body if you deck it. 

Whilst the latter is a risk it’s also a risk whatever you do. You can hurt yourself foiling! So our advice is wear protection and don’t go at skateboarding like a bull in a china shop. Keep things mellow and you’ll be fine. As far as the stigma goes just do it! Ignore the haters and enjoy some Terra Firma fun.

Foilshop UK’s range of longboard skateboards, mountainboards and surf skates can be found here. If you have any questions get in touch and let us know.