Wing foiling. The best beginner equipment to get you started.

Wing foiling is such an addictive sport. Seemingly each week there are newbies starting their foil wing journey. But we appreciate that when it comes to choosing wing foiling beginner equipment it can be tricky. There’s so much out there on the market it’s hard to know where to begin. With this in mind here’s Foulshop UK’s best selection of beginner wing foiling equipment available right now at the end of 2023 into 2024.

Wing foiling beginner foil boards.

We’ve said this for ages but wing foiling beginner boards should be on the larger side. This isn’t to say they should be lacking in performance. Or even versatility. The AK Phazer remains a firm favourite. It’s a renowned shape that ticks all the boxes. Lightweight, stable, early to release and fly with great construction.

The full carbon AK Phazer is the pinnacle of performance. Newbie wing foilers will be looking at the 6’2 x 140L or the 5’10 x 110L. If you’re thinking about budget the Duratech versions of both are also available. A little heavier, granted, but still with the same performance traits. And to be honest the AK Phazer Duratech is lighter than some brand’s high full carbon versions. Note: the bigger AK Phazer foil boards can also be used for SUP foiling.

Beginner foil wings.

Whatever foil wing you choose it should be light, maneuverable and have some decent bottom end power. Longevity is also key as there’s no reason a wing shouldn’t last as you progress.

One of our choice wings is the Free WIng GO. Another reverred product the bigger versions are cracking for learners whilst also providing light wind peformance for those that can. As with boards, you need to go bigger as a beginner wing foiler. Be under no illusion you’ll need the power to get on foil. If you go too small it won’t happen and you’ll be floundering. Time and again we have conversations where new foilers have gotten hold of too small a foil wing. So our advice is don’t fall into this trap. Note: other wings are available, of which some do a great job for beginners.

What about foils for beginners?

Foils are the most important part of the setup. Your choice should deliver predictable early lift, be stable at flight, be maneuverable and be well engineered. Axis Foils supply the SES which is an awesome choice and unlocks the whole Axis infrastructure. Being modular you can swap out component parts as you improve. And the price is great. The AK Trek is another good option which we supply as part of a package. This too is modular by design and has predictable and dependable performance.

Sale and bargain equipment.

All of what’s mentioned above are choice pieces of kit for beginner wing foilers. But we do offer other items. Some of which you’ll find on sale currently. Check out the sale section here. And for more beginner wing foil equipment hit this link. If you still need a hand get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to guide you.