Wing skating – for when it’s not happening on the water.

Wing skating is an activity we’ve loved for a while here at Foilshop UK. We started wing skating more or less at the same time we started wing foiling. The benefits of dialing in wing skills on land are tangible. Plus, it’s a way to scratch that itch when conditions afloat aren’t happening.

Wing skating - for when it's not happening on the water.
Wing skating can certainly scratch that itch when it’s not happening on the water.

Wing skating winters.

Whilst the UK is known for generally wet and mild winter months there are times when cold snaps set in. At this point, as any rider will be aware, wind chill can be pretty full on. There’s nothing worse than huddling behind your vehicle post-session with a monumental case of hot aches. Painful it most definitely is!

Wing skate gear available now!

But those wing-addicted types will still want to ride. Even when Mother Nature decides to drop a Baltic patch of cold weather on us. This is where wing skating can come in and help alleviate the boredom. As well as keeping foilers fresh for that next water session. There’s nothing worse than having to sit it out, even when there’s breeze, because it’s too cold…

Surf skate setups.

Surf skate setups are great choices of sled for those fancying some wing skate action. We use Waterborne Skateboards surf adapters (front) and surf rails (rear). Waterborne front surf adapters and surf rail adapters can be retrofitted to any skateboard. They’re affordable and quality to boot. This means you don’t have to fork out for a complete surf skate. Although, if you want you can do this.

Wing skating - for when it's not happening on the water.
The Foilshop UK ‘monster truck’ wing skate setup features the Waterborne Skateboards front surf adapter and rear surf rail.

Once mounted Waterborne Skateboards surf and surf rail adapters allow fast pumping and incredible maneuverability. And all at lower speeds. You don’t need to be travelling fast to get the benefit. In tandem with smaller foil wings riders can fully lean into turns and get the wing experience on land.

Summing up the wing skating experience.

You may be reading this and thinking wing skating is kooky. We appreciate it isn’t for everyone. But if you’re broad-minded then trust us when we say you’ll have a fun time skating the wing! Also, for riders concerned about decking it and injuring thenmselves, we reiterate. Wing skate can be done at low speeds – especially in tandem with a surf skateboard. This can offset some of the risk yet not detract from any of the fun.

If you like the idea of wing skating but have questions then feel free to get in touch with us here.