AK Compact 105L V1 wingfoil board review.

The AK Compact 105L V1 landed to much applaud from us here at FS. Manufactured in a sexy and bombproof ultra-lightweight fused EPS core, Reflex Carbon Innegra layup the Compact is a funky looking sled designed around the progressive freestyle end of winging.

Words: Foilshop UK

Pics: Mike Pringuer

And yet, at 29.5cm wide and with it’s clever volume distribution, accessible freeride foiling is more than applicable with the Compact.

Back wind riding aboard the AK Compact.

It’s a super stable platform – especially for heavier riders with wingfoiling experience already in the bag. Lighter weight beginners would also be fine.

Driving into one with the AK Compact.

Even in zero wind and lots of tide if you’re a bigger boned individual slogging back to the beach is very doable. This aspect was put to the test on multiple occasions during 2022’s summer when the sea breeze would often fizzle.

The Compact’s hard release rails aid getting up on foil. It’s perhaps a tad later to fly than its Phazer sibling. Yet there’s no doubt it takes off super early – particularly with positive pumping input.

Mini bump chasing on the AK Compact 105L.

And once up and foiling the 105L’s a joy to pilot. Zero pitch, because of its compact shape (by name and nature!), Ensures riders can step all over the Compact and it not give an inch. This makes switch moves and foot changes a doddle. If you’re looking to dial in gybes and tacks this is the sled for you!

In the air the reduced length and swing makes for effortless spins and twirls. Those wanting to stomp 360s should definitely apply here! Simply jumping is fantastic as it pops easily and soars high into the air.

Punting some air with the Compact.

If you haven’t already got the impression how much we love the AK Compact 105L then let us spell things out. It’s one of the best wing foiling boards we’ve used in this size category bar none!

As a big bone rider one board quiver it’s bang on. The 105L would also fit the lighter wind machine application as part of a quiver. It’ll freestyle and wave ride but also does a good job of performance freeriding. As such, more wingers would get on with the AK Compact 105L than initial thinking would suggest.

Cutting loose atop the 105L AK Compact.

For more info about the AK Compact wingfoil board range get in touch or hit the following link.