AK’s Nomad 7’6 downwind SUP foil board first run.

AK’s Nomad 7’6 downwind SUP foil board landed to much applause recently. Out of all the current crop of downwind SUP foil board available this was a model that got us frothing. Even before we set foot upon it. With accessible dimensions we were fizzing to get a first session under our belt.

AK’s Nomad 7’6 in all its glory.

That particular first run just so happened to be in SUP foil mode. With warm October sunshine bathing us in its warm glow there were a few small doable waves rolling into the local. We’d anticipated a wing session for AK’s Nomad cherry popping. But equally, we weren’t going to sniff at some SUP foiling action.

Bathed by the sun, SUP foil style.

As with any new product there’s a period of dialling things in – which was the case with AK’s Nomad 7’6. But it wasn’t too long before we getting amongst it and enjoying a great sesh. We’re now looking forward to seeing what else the Nomad can do. Stay tuned for more!

Don’t forget to check out the AK Nomad SUP foil board listing here for further info. It’s a great choice of foil board for anyone looking at this kind of design. The price point alone is pretty competitive. Let us know if you have any questions.