Foil Stories: with young gun wing foiler Hugo Dobrijevic.

Foil Stories: with young gun Hugo Dobrijevic. #1

Words: Hugo Dobrijevic.

Pics: Hugo Dobrijevic, Nick Masson.

Hugo Dobrijevic checks in for our latest Foil Stories article. A keen windsurfer, wing foiler, windfoiler, pump foiler and skater Hugo’s a new generation of young, up and coming UK foilers to keep an eye on.

Give us a brief background on your watersports career to date.

Did sailing for the British Youth Sailing Team whilst doing windsurfing, surfing and foiling.

When did you discover foiling and what appealed?

My dad bought some windfoil gear and I was eager to try it out and the thing that appealed to me the most was how much the sport would improve and how it has no limits.

Hugo on a sweet wave.

Which foiling discipline (s) are you involved with and why?

I do windsurf foiling, pump surf foiling and wing foiling as they are my favourite aspects of the sports as they are so much fun to do and always challenge me to push myself and learn new things.

Has foiling panned out the way you envisaged?

It has been even better so far than I thought because it has been great fun meeting loads of new people, getting sponsored and having loads of blasts!

Was it what you thought the first few times out?

I found that wing foiling was pretty similar to windsurfing foiling at first but then once I started to progress I found it was easier to do things like gybes, 180’s, 360’s and how much fun it was to go out on waves and shred with other people!

Gybe talkin’ – with Hugo Dobrijevic.

How many sessions (roughly) did it take for consistency?

Well, around 2 or 3 sessions to get great consistency on tricks, gybes and jumps but I think it’s all about trying your best and pushing yourself and it’ll all work out.

Have you found foiling easy or hard? And why?

I have found foiling reasonably easy as I have come from sports like surfing and windsurfing. But as I try more difficult tricks I am trying my best all the time to get the tricks done right.

Hugo boosting on his new wing foiling gear.

What’s the most valuable foiling lesson you’ve learnt?

How to protect my kit when entering and exiting the ocean when there are big shorebreak waves.

What’s been your biggest inspiration for foiling, and why?

The fact that there are no limits when I see pros doing tricks and how fun it is.

Signed and sealed – Hugo with K66’s Tim Frampton.

Where are you now with your foiling?

I’m doing lots of wave riding and learning new freestyle tricks. I recently learned my first frontside 360 and now I’m going for toeside 540s and table frontside 360s.

Any particular goals moving forwards?

Hopefully going for trips around the world and to learn all the moves.

Give us a brief rundown of the gear you’re using and why.

I’m using a 60L Fanatic Sky Wing because I love how good the board is. I use the Duotone slick wing and I love the shape of it for wave sailing and also freestyle. I use the ultra carbon 1250 foil with a 75 mast and a 250 ultra carbon back wing. I love the foil setup because it has the perfect weight and lift for all conditions and aspects of wingfoiling for me.

Below the waterline – Hugo wing foiling.

Any foiling predictions for the future?

I feel that foiling will become a part of all competitions and will continue as a world tour like other sports.

Final thoughts on foiling?

Foiling is a great sport that is good in all conditions and has loads of opportunities ahead for me and the sport and I truly love it.

Thanks and praise?

Thanks for all the support from my parents for providing me with trips to the beach and giving me kit. And thanks to my recent sponsors Duotone, Fanatic, ION and K66 who have been awesome!

You can keep up to date with Hugo’s foiling antics via his Instagram link here.

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