Foilshop UK’s wing surfing wing performance overview.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce

With soooooo many wing foiling wings on the market, all supposedly doing this, that and the other, we thought we’d give a performance overview of the wings we sell. This based on actually using and testing. (We might chuck a couple of others in that we don’t sell for comparison purposes as well. After all, why not?).

Fly McConks Go Fly wing.

The Fly McConks Go Fly range of wings is super light – one of the lightest we’ve used. It has a medium rigid canopy and can be pumped efficiently. Bottom end grunt is average whereas it’s top end is awesome meaning you wouldn’t need to change down if the wind picks up. It’s a fairly balanced wing that drifts nicely for surfing.

FusionX X-Wing.

A recent addition to the FSUK webshop FusionX’s X-Wing is a bangin’ freeride wing with freestyle tendencies (read 100% boostable for all manner of jumps).

With plenty of low end grunt the X-Wing gets riders up and flying in the least amount of wind Vs the actual size wing you’re on. So if previously you’d have needed a 5m chances are you’ll get away with a 4m. Tough construction and stealthy good looks round out the superb X-Wing.

Unifoil Wing Wing.

Unifoil’s Wind Wing sets extremely rigid making it particularly good for pumping. As riders do so it transfers power directly into the foil. That said the bottom end isn’t as much as you’d initially expect but with technique it will get riders flying pretty quick. The Unifoil Wind Wing’s beauty is when drifting. Through moves, such as gybes and tacks, it hangs amazingly as riders do their thing. On a wave it just sits there, not misbehaving, allowing all manner of carves, cutbacks and swooping turns.

Hyde Sails Blast wing.

Some riders may be familiar with Hyde Sails and their pedigree in dinghy and yacht sailing. The brand’s Blast kitesurfing arm now includes wing foiling wings. And they’ve done a bang on job. The Blast is the most powerful wing we’ve used with a very direct forward pull driving riders up on foil with the lightest breeze. You can easily get away with a size smaller than you’d think and the Blast wing would be a good one wing quiver choice with a large range.

Zeeko Ypsilon wing.

Zeeko’s Ypsilon is a pure freerider with a unique Y shaped middle strut designed to aid rigidity. It pumps well, responding to rider input, and is forgiving with a springy feel. Once up on foil the Ypsilon is comfortable and doesn’t bend foilers out of shape when bigger gusts hit.

Ozone WASP wing.

Now onto V2 the Ozone WASP has been held in high regard since inception. Another wing with decent low power grunt it pulls riders on foil quick smart. It’s also a nicely balanced wing that’s good for carving moves whilst having a fair amount of lift/hang for those who like a boost or two.

SIC Maui Raptor wing.

The SIC Maui Raptor wing is new for 2021 and designed with all round wingin’ in mind. It’s a powerful machine with a moderately soft feel. A nice wing to drift and surf it also looks the bomb.

Boom wings – Duotone Echo and Ullman Wing Surfing Falcon II.

Whilst the majority of wings are just inflatable with handles a few exist with booms. Duotone’s new Slick looks set to be the simplest yet (in terms of set up) although the brand’s Echo is still a good option for anyone wanting this style. The Echo is extremely pumpable and a freerider in nature with good air time potential. The boom ‘feel’ makes it great for transitions with incremental hand holds being the biggest plus.

Ullman Kiteboarding’s Falcon II is another boom wing option offering superb top end wind performance. It’s not the gruntiest but it certainly holds it’s own as wind speeds ramp up.

NOTE: Foilshop UK doesn’t sell Duotone or Ullman but we have used these wings extensively for comparison purposes.

If you have any wing related questions, about the brands we sell or others then get in touch.