Speed glides – Axis Foils S-Series Glide 900mm alu/carbon windfoil foil test.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce

Windfoil manufacturing has come on leaps and bounds the last few seasons. In particular, aluminium/carbon hybrid foils are now much more solid and efficient than they once were. Torsional flexing of the foil’s mast has been addressed (same with the fuse) and the whole thing is now an extremely attractive, and more cost effective, product. Enter the Axis Foils S-Series Glide 900mm alu/carbon windfoil.

The sheer quality engineering elements of the S-Series are proper top drawer. Coming with a tooth inset that sits inside the top part of the foil mast Axis’s Deep Tuttle plate is locked and secured 100% (you can also swap this out, modular stylee, for a plate. We’d recommend this if you have a track foil box so you can tune the foil’s lift). The connection between mast and fuse is super solid. Whilst the carbon 900mm front wing nestles snuggly in its cut out with sturdy M10 bolts making sure there’s zero movement. Perched on the fuselage’s rear is the 500mm stab, also securely fitting.

Before going afloat we were told by one previous flyer that the S-Series Glide 900mm doesn’t lift quite as early as expected. Having been testing a raft of low aspect foils we were therefore sceptical. That needn’t have been the case, however, as from the first puff we were up and flying – with minimal effort at that. And once foiling what a joy…

The higher aspect design of Axis Foil’s S-Series 900mm means that whilst stall speed isn’t as low as some you kind of don’t need it. Having backed off the power the Axis does exactly what it says on the time – glides for miles. This is particularly welcome when performing moves involving sail transitions – such as foiling duck gybes, double ducks and downwind 3s. With apparent wind not relenting, because of the aforementioned glide, sails are light in the hands to stomp the trick and still ride away at height. It really is bliss!

Jumps on the Axis are also particularly fulfilling with the S-Series’ speed aiding pop and allowing foilers to score some sick hang time. If you’re in to high altitude rotations – such as forward loops – then you’ll be well served. It isn’t a super heavy foil so doesn’t require you lug that ‘sack of spuds’ through the move. And upon landing the high end Axis engineering comes into play serving to keep your foil intact.


We’ve used the Axis S-Series Glide 900mm windfoil foil in a whole host of scenarios, coupled with a whole array of foil boards and sails. In every situation the Axis performs, never faltering, and only geta more fun the harder riders push.

Speed on foil is certainly rapid, but controllable, whereas the bite through turns is exemplary – it’s a foil that’ll allow flyers time for dancing on deck during the middle part of manoeuvres. As you can tell: we love it and you will too!