Signature Foils (SPG) Glide 220 (1420cm2) complete carbon foil set up.


A dedicated high performance pump, light wind windsurfing, small wave SUP and downwind foil machine for beginner to advanced riders. The Signature Glide H:E (High Efficiency) foil range, designed by pump specialist, Nathan van Vuuren, is ripe for all kinds of foil applications.

With extended glide, the overall design of the Signature Glide foil, whether you are pumping around, flying behind a boat or wingsurfing in lighter winds, or screaming along a downwind coastal run is to help take your flying to a whole new level with added speed and efficiency.

Includes modular front wing, interchangeable fuselage, rear wing, mast, Signature covers for mast, front wing & rear wing, accessory bag  + hardware.

Suggested mast size: 850mm.

Suggested rear wing: Sprint Eighteen.

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