Axis Foils S-Series Glide 910mm, 1010mm, 1150mm high aspect foils spotlight.

As high aspect foils go Axis Foils’ S-Series Glide family of carbon wings is right up there in terms of easy access and performance. Featuring early lift properties coupled with superb glide and pumping ability these wings are set to make all your wing foiling, windfoiling, SUP foiling, surf foiling, downwind foiling and foil pumping shenanigans all the more addictive.

Traditionally high aspect foil wings have required additional rider input and power to unlock their maximum potential. New gen types, such as the Axis Foils S-Series Glide 910mm, 1010mm and 1150m family buck this turned and then some!

Here at Foilshop UK we stock all the combo options making it easy to build your ideal foil. With different fuselage lengths, mast types and tail wing options we get the fact it might be a bit confusing picking what’ll benefit your circumstances. Fear not, however, as contacting us will see you steered in the right direction.

Give us a shout about any of Axis Foils’ S-Series Glide foil wings. In fact, any Axis Foils products in general. We’re only happy to help!