BIC windsurfing/windfoiling rebrands for 2021 after Tahe Outdoor buy out and partners with Zeeko.

Whilst the familiar Techno name will remain BIC’s iconic logo will disappear across their windsurfing and windfoiling range for 2021 following a buy out from Tahe Outdoor.

Also, the partner foil for the Tahe Techno Wind Foil range of boards changes from the Foil & Co designed to Zeeko Watersports‘ Bullet (or similar version there of).

At time of writing Foilshop UK has just taken delivery of the new graphic board and foil. The board’s design remains the same as 2020 so freeride foiling performance guaranteed. With the addition of a Zeeko collaborated aluminium foil the combo should be significantly quicker than previous incarnations.

Here at Foilshop UK we’re no strangers to France based Zeeko foiling products, having tested and used extensively their Amplifier/XLW windfoil foil, Carver 950 carbon front wing and Ypsilon 6m and 8m wing foiling wings. We haven’t had time to try the new Techno Wind Foil 130L partnered Bullet foil yet but will be doing ASAP. Stay tuned for pics and vids to follow shortly.

If anyone has any questions about the BIC Techno Wind Foil 130L (C-Tec or ACE-TEC, which is still current for now), the new Tahe Techno Wind Foil 130L (same ACE-TEC construction as before) or Zeeko foiling products then give us a holla.

We’ll be adding the mentioned kit to the webshop ASAP.