James Jagger: photographer, windsurfer, windfoiler, SUPer, surfer Zeeko Amplifier/Bullet XLW/Carver 950 foil testimonial.

Pics: Kevin Lee.

We’ve known Mr Jagger a long time having worked with him on a number of watersports projects from windsurf, to stand up paddle boarding, foiling and land based board sliding fun. As well as being pro behind the lens, James is also a proficient (and long time) windsurfer, surfer and stand up paddle boarder himself. Through working with us on foiling projects JJ was in a position to learn how to windfoil – something he pretty much ran with it. Or should that be flew with?

James Jagger Zeeko Amplifier/Bullet windfoil fun.

Starting out using Zeeko Watersports’ Amplifier (now renamed the Bullet) foil with XLM front wing James switched to the brand’s Carver 950 front wing and unlocked a whole new dimension of playful windfoiling. These days he swaps between the XLW and Carver 950 depending on conditions. We asked James to give us his feedback on the Zeeko Amplifier/Bullet foil and XLW/Carver 950 wings.

James Jagger taking the Zeeko Carver 950 carbon front wing for a spin.

‘My first foray into windfoiling was using a Zeeko Amplifier plus a foil ready NoveNove Revo board. With several decades of windsurfing under my belt, windfoiling was something I was keen to get stuck into. Following some helpful tips from Tez P, I threw myself into it and was pleasantly surprised at my speedy progress. The Zeeko Amplifier was quick to lift, stable once flying and swift in a straight line. It was nothing short of exhilarating to be flying silently above the waves with some spectacular crashes as I learnt the subtleties of stance, foot pressure and rig position. The Zeeko Amplifier was the perfect introduction to the sport of windfoiling, combining ease of use, progression and exhilaration all in one package.

James Jagger full power on the Zeeko Watersports Amplifier/Bullet windfoil XLW wing.

After a few sessions on the Amplifier, I got my hands on the Zeeko Carver 950 carbon wing (thanks Tez). The Carver 950 was even quicker to lift, felt more stable but really came into its own in the turn. Living up to its name, the Carver enabled me to start and make gybes, dabble with wave riding and learn to jump. The Zeeko Carver 950 is super forgiving and is my ‘go to’ wing when control is the name of the day. In typical south coast UK conditions, the Carver 950 performs admirably and would suit any progressive windfoiler. I’ve tried a few foil set-ups to date and the Zeeko is still my favourite. With both the Amplifier and Carver wings to choose from, I feel equipped to maximise whatever conditions are on offer, from flat water/10 knots of breeze to wave riding in 20+ knots of wind.’

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