New Foilshop UK products! Tahe Techno Wind Foil 160, F4 Lighwind foils, FusionX X Wing wings & Nitro Pro foil boards.

It’s been a busy period of late – testing, photographing, testing and shooting some more. Being in such a position, where brands trust us and our opinions about kit, is simply awesome. We put so much time into this area ensuring we know what each piece of equipment can do and who it’s applicable to. This means when we get enquires from customers, or even general questions about watersports gear, we can advise and guide the recipient, them being confident of getting the right info.

We’ll also say that we don’t just list any old foiling kit. The watersports kit we demo and brands we work with are all chosen for good reason. They’re top quality and will deliver the right performance (which equates to maximum fun) for the end user.

With the above in mind we’ve added a bunch of new products to FSUK’s webshop. If you follow Foilshop UK’s social media feeds (or even our personal streams) you may have already seen some of these brands…For those who haven’t here’s a brief outline of each.

FusionX X Wings and Nitro Pro cust boards.

Located not too far away from us (like spitting distance) FusionX are a well respected bespoke/semi custom manufacturer of carbon foils (for all disciplines), custom carbon foil boards and wingsurfing wings.

When we started seeing FX’s kit appearing round our way we needed to get aboard and check it out.

We’re currently waiting for a FusionX foils to arrive but in the meantime the FusionX X Wings and Nitro Pro cust carbon foil boards are available via the webshop.

F4 Foils Lightwind 2000cm2/2500cm2 wing/SUP foils.

Having such a pedigree in windfoil design means we were intrigued when we saw F4 Foils’ new range of SUP, surf and wing foils drop.

In particular the wind wing Lightwind 2000cm2 and 2500cm2 pricked our interests (which is also applicable to SUP foil when coupled with the 70cm mast).

Needless to say these carbon/alloy hybrids didn’t disappoint and are now also available through FSUK’s online store.

Tahe Techno Wind Foil 160L.

It’s not all super high performance kit, however. We have one eye firmly on the beginner and intermediate market. Kids as well for that matter!

Tahe Outdoors’ new offerings continue to impress us. The brand formerly known as BIC have the Techno Wind Foil 160L windsurf/windfoil board available for 2021. Whilst it’s certainly foilable, no question, the Techno Wind Foil 160L also makes a great beginner/intermediate windsurfing board for both adults and kids alike. We love it, our nippers do and think you will too!

As always if any questions about these or any other products just holla.