Wing foil gear spotlight: Unifoil Hyper 210 & Wind Wing 6m.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce

Unifoil are held in high regard for their range of carbon hydrofoils. The brand’s Hyper line in particular’s noted as being one of the best in class. A high aspect design it’s an intermediate to advanced rider’s foiling weapon for awesome surf foil, SUP foil, foil pumping, downwind as well as doing a good job of powered up cruisey wing foil freeride antics.

Unifoil’s Wind Wing meanwhile is gradually gaining popularity among those who enjoy a good blow and want a more boutique brand wang. An extremely rigid wing (possibly the stiffest we’ve used to date) this translates to efficiency and makes for a great pumping wing foil wing. It’s also super light and doesn’t oscillate as much as a good many of so called drift wings when being flagged. (We’ve used the 4m Wind Wing as well and it’s the same here. Good to know that each size mirrors performance characteristics across the whole range).

Foilshop UK’s Tez taking Unifoil’s Hyper 210 foil and Wind Wing 6m for a spin.

To put the above into context: during a recent wing foiling session the breeze was puffing around 12-15 knots. It was inconsistent with big lulls. Yet pumping the Unifoil Wind Wing 6m, in tandem with the Hyper 210 foil (the second largest in the Hyper foil range, as far as surface area goes), allowed some back and forths to be enjoyed, proving that even with ropey conditions this combo will cope and get the job done. And the better your technique the more this’ll be the case.

One particularly noticeable element with the Unifoil Hyper 210 was it’s speed and efficiency upwind. A playful nature permeates across the 210’s performance spectrum (think nimble), which is usual for high aspect foils coupled to shorter fuselages. For those who love booting upwind though, before running back downwind – maybe flagging the wing and pumping or riding swell and so on – it’s an awesome bit of kit that’ll certainly accommodate.

Tez upwind cruising with Unifoil’s Wind Wing 6m and Hyper 210 foil.

Back to the Unifoil Wind Wing 6m and for many this size’ll seem big, on paper. But take it from us when we say it doesn’t feel large and is plenty throw about for riders who like move orientated winging. It’s genuinely a lovely wing foil wing and will find favour with a good many.

As you can tell we love Unifoil gear, hence why we sell it in Foilshop UK’s webshop. Check out the Unifoil Hyper foil and Wind Wing ranges by hitting the following links. And any queries give us a holla.

Note: Unifoil’s Hyper 210 was tested during this session with a 750mm foil mast. Since then the 850mm has become available, soon to be added to the shop. If you’re interested in the Hyper range of foils then speak to us about the two mast lengths and which may best fit your needs.

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